Marina Chicago - Tantra Companion
    I must start this page by giving thanks to you sweet , thoughtful gentlemen!!
Also please know that the gift of your company is already much appreciated by me !
But here goes....

To Michael, thank you for the absolutely gorgeous La Perla set, so soft and stunning, I love it !!

To John, thank you for Victoria Secret beautiful sexy slip, bra and panty set ! I feel so pretty and hot in it !

To Dino, thank you so very, very much for the stunning Lexus, which makes me well up every time I sit in it !
I cannot express how much that means to me ! Thank you so much for your truly astounding generosity over the years !!!

Thank you Jim for the extremely generous and thoughtful visa gift card, smooches !!

To Jay, you angel, You are so thoughtful and surprise me every time we connect !

Thank you my dear Lou for the amazing gifts from
Liberator !! Sweet besos to you
To my dearest James, your continued gifts surprise and cause me to squeal with delight, haha !!
Thank you for the very generous FREE PeOPLE  gift cards, my love ! xoxox

I love to be blessed with presents ( and your presence ! ) . I am very much a woman that way, lol . But I would like to again say that continuing to see me is gift enough ! 

I am adding more thanks here, but I did not want to neglect these lovely expressions another second !
I am so appreciative for you !!!
xoxox Marina
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