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[email protected]         Text: 312-487-1519

             You have selected me to spend your valuable time with, thank you!  I am appreciative and strive to make our time together go as seamlessly and as delighfully as possible !  I encourage communication when scheduling with me.
      However, much beyond that, I do maintain a very busy life and frankly cannot always communicate as freely and frequently as much as I may want to with you .
With that being said, here are a few guidelines that I feel will help us to connect better and enjoy one another. :)

1. Clients that send my required information, ie, full name,phone number, your preferred day and time for our appointment and the length of appointment desired, will get my full attention!

 If I cannot verify you, I cannot see you.

2. Review my fees  . It is safer to never discuss rates or sessions in any manner . I will be forced to discontinue communications if you persist in asking probing (ooh that's a sexy word,"probing,"hehe !) questions regarding fees or sessions.  In order to avoid entrapment .( If you would like to send illicit  messages , you may "naughty chat" with me on my niteflirt account . Email me and I will happily direct you there.

   Please do not invite me "out" or to events without expecting to compensate me. It puts me in the very awkward position of declining and I sincerely do not enjoy saying "no".  :( 
 If you desire to extend our time while together , please  have the additional compensation already taken care of .
3. Please hand me the fee, no envelope preferred, upon arrival.
4. My policy for cancellations is 24 hour notice. I am a professional same as you and I take great pains in preparing for our session.  I likely also have turned down multiple requests for the same time frame .
    I do understand emergencies arise, such is life .
 However if you cancel with less notice, it is likely that I will not schedule with you again without a cancellation fee and a deposit for our next meeting. My available time is too limited to me to risk a repeat of that .

5. I have a "no review on TER" and a "no references" policy. I neither request nor give references. This has been an area of confusion for some, I'm not sure why. These practices, I feel, are very risky and indiscreet . Let's play and be  safe! xox

So there you have it! I hope this wasn't too painful. ;-}

 These are my must haves and I thank you for taking the time to review them . I also look forward to a wonderful engagement with you soon..
.Lustfully, xo Marina

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