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Too much of a good thing can be wonderful ."   Mae West                                  My tantric sessions are unique to you and me . Explore the phenomenon of this delectable art with me !
I am very present with you , ( not in a creepy way , I promise ! ) from the moment that we meet , until we reluctantly  part . Some seek pleasure and some seek both delectable pleasures and instruction .
I plan our date to indulge your craving 
Now inquire about Nuru , incall Nuru sessions !! 90 ~ $600

Tantra body worship and tantric sex are indisputedly , the torrid and most exciting physical pleasures one can experience !
How would you like to be able to enjoy  a special touch  which alone is magical  !?
This special touch on it's own , can evoke an orgasmic experience

This why tantra is such a highly sought after

Experience sexual positions that will awaken your kundalini .
And/Or learn about and experience the bliss from your G-spot

For those seeking to deepen their experience , I can teach you how to Connect your sexuality with not only your head
, but also your heart .
This is the ultimate key to of achieving the MOST satisfying experience

What does that mean ? Be open , that's all ..easy peasy big mystery.

Maybe learn how to ramp up your foreplay

For the first time ever , we can now indulge in a time-altering, breath taking adventure in the comfort of your own space ! In which I bring you divine , luxurious indulgence , for 90 exquisite mintes~ $600 !
Yesssss , that’s right … So catch your breath and schedule with me ;-} !
But, wait .
If you crave a lengthier rendezvous , I wholeheartedly recommend -at a minimum!!-my 3 hour 'Goddess Worship Tryst' …This time includes the infamous Venus Butterfly as well as more intensive lingham and yoni worship plus indulging, engaging your male g-spot and all of the wonders that you experience with this . 

As Mae West says ,“Too much of a good thing can be wonderful. “
In this case, she would be 1000% correct !
Schedule anywhere from 2hrs-up to a wonderfully decadent , mind blowing weekend with me in a luxurius hotel be it in Chicago , New York ,Vegas, San Fran , Paris . We can choose . ;-)

An accomplished , expert and licensed masseuse (among other practices), not only will you receive exquisite pampering from the top of your head to the tips of your toes , blend with my Tantra talents and well ... it is beyond imagination !
Your full 2 hour experience like none other~$800

$400 for a titillating meet and greet !

Most first time clients prefer either my 90 minute or 2 hour Bliss sessions !~$600 for 90
$800 for two heavenly hours  !

** I've gotten so many requests for Chicago suburbs ( thank you  ! ) , that I've since expanded my outcall range for up to 50 miles from downtown Chicago . J ust include an additional $100  to any of my outcall sessions . ;-]

*In my Goddess Worship sessions - along with your immersion in sublime pleasure -
I will share with you, if you desire , the centuries old , secret tantra artistry of the incomparable ,
transcendent yoni ( vagina ) massage and Venus Butterfly ....
$1100 for this boundless 3 hour adventure .

I also adore instructing and sharing tantra either in one on one private sessions or with couples .
I invite you to inquire . I am an officially ordained Priestess , which means that I am qualified as a sex therapist and a life coach . :)

But that's just a part of the story.... 
Let's indulge in a night on the town ( or stay and order in, wink  ) !
This "Off the Clock Evening (or afternoon) " provides more time to thoroughly enjoy one another's company ,bodies and perhaps a lovely evening out as well !  M mmm, again we choose ...  ~ $2400  for approx. 6-8 hrs.)

It will be our great pleasure
But you already know that…wink

Schedule today ! or text me at 312-487-1519

 Fair enough ?
 Please be so kind as to message me from your established email 
account . In that , include your full name and  phone number .
I breathlessly await you , darling .....

Below are just a few mentions from friends :

"You're amazing"

"Hello Marina...haven't seen you in awhile but had a blast on my first visit with you".

“I tried working with two different tantrikas , and the experiences were OK  (at best) .
With Marina, I finally got exactly what I wanted . She was more caring and seemed to understand me and my desires much better . I felt like she sent me to nirvana with her amazing hands , lips and body ! She raised my sexual mastery to another level ! And helped me overcome my fear of intimacy . I’ve found someone with whom I feel a deep connection and we’ve only begun our new life together . Thanks Marina , you’re amazing .”J

"  Last year was amazing.  I learned so much and my significant other and I have enjoyed each and every improvement we've enjoyed over the year.  "
Thank you , it is my honor and I am completely delighted to receive messages like these ! 


I have had my (very flattering) profile on TER about my sessions removed , as it were far too
explicit and incriminating :( . Sorry fellas...but thank you for understanding .

Here is what Eccie has about me :

Location: Chicago

Was finally able to book a session with Marina just yesterday . I, too had been
wondering why there were not very many reviews on her. My theory: everyone who
has had the pleasure of her company wants to keep her for themselves!

Not to worry -- she and her service are every bit as outstanding as described in the
two TER reviews. Marina is very bright, easy to talk with about an amazing range of
subjects, and is great fun to be with . Oh , and drop dead gorgeous !

I read and re-read her reviews and web site many times and was intrigued by her
words and pictures and decided that I just had to see for myself if it could possibly be
that good; I have since kicked myself for waiting soo long!

If I drop dead from a heart attack today, it will take the mortician a long time to get
rid of my smile. . .

mylar824:  (My note: this review was when I was just doing bodywork.)

She is for real
She is for real, I saw her once about five years ago. I recall she was a real therapist
and the session very good. She did (or still does) some modelling and thus the fake
looking pictures. I liked her.....

But finally ..
I adore mature men 35 and older , that is my preference and i thank you for
respecting my wishes ...
My sensual den 
a sexy , built for play ( much like myself ! )  retreat is where the best
kind of fun begins ....
Also my rates do not nearly reflect the upscale company and pleasure that I provide
. I so
enjoy sharing my time with intelligent , confident men . Let's begin our adventurous escape ! :D  Marina
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