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Marina in Chicago !
Welcome !
Hello , I invite you to begin this thrilling adventure with me !
I adore meeting new people and I believe that you will truly enjoy meeting me !

Our session begins with us getting comfortable with one another, perhaps sharing a nice beverage , creating a delightful rapport ... 
From there, the session escalates organically , pleasurably , with body worship and sheer delights and pleasures ....that you may never have experienced before .
That is the wonder , beauty and ultimate sensuality that is tantric , when experienced with a trained and lifestyle tantric expert. 

My  unique and very sensual, indulgent refuge is  located very near downtown Chicago & easy to find and park near .  
I have modeled since my teen years and still do !                                                                                   I believe in excellently nurturing myself in order to be able to nurture you . I am very much a giving woman , to a fault . ;-}
I try to make it a consistent practice of enjoying a healthy organic diet , keeping fit , femininely groomed , emotionally upbeat , spiritually keen and intellectually sharp . Ha , try saying that three times quickly !
We can do as we please with our time together , although I am the expert and will happily and gently lead our time together .   You are sharp and recognize this as an enormous plus .                                                                                                            I happen to possess a splendid wardrobe and can be quite the chameleon ,able to  adapt to situations and environment . So if you are  seeking a fun and charming (or romantic and quiet)  evening out with a lovely companion , you can feel secure scheduling with me !
I enjoy creating our connection and I do everything possible to ensure that we have a great time whilst together !                                                                  
 Perhaps to your special event  :D . Have you seen the "Wedding Date" ? 
How fun could it be to attend your high school or college graduation reunion with me?! .. Or picture us in Vegas for a weekend , me blowing on your dice as lady luck or for the more adventerous ,  Paris... These types of dates are reserved for current friends , so let us become that first !
I enjoy being showed off on your arm if you do ! Be the envy of everyone around us going out & enjoying ourselves !                                                                  

I communicate via email , it works best for me , thank you .                        Lustfully Yours, XO Marina P.S.....

If you are interested in seeing more into my sexy head , click here : http://theroticmassge.blogspot.com

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